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đŸŽĨ Replays

Replays for our JavaScript SDK allow you to record and replay users' interactions on the web. This is especially handy for bug reports, where you'd like to replay the last actions a user took before a bug occured.

Enable replays​

Replays can be activated by navigating to Project settings -> Developer options --> Enable đŸŽĨ web replays. Simply activate the option and reload your web app.


By default, replays will already mask secure text input fields. You can also flag other fields or even complete blocks to be masked.

Mask text fields​

Simply add the class gl-mask to the textfield, and Gleap replays will mask the input.

Mask blocks​

Simply add the class gl-block to the elements you want to block. Replays will add a blank placeholder with the dimensions of the blocked element. This is especially handy to mask privacy sensitive blocks.