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Ionic / Capacitor

The Gleap SDK for Ionic / Capacitor is the easiest way to integrate Gleap into your apps. Communicate with your users directly and build better software by discovering their everyday pain points. Gleap is your all-in-one customer feedback tool for apps and websites.

For the SDK to work, you need an API key, which you can get for free at

🏗 Installation

Installing the Gleap SDK takes only a few seconds.

Install the Gleap package via npm.

npm install capacitor-gleap-plugin

Sync your capacitor dependencies:

npx cap sync

Initialize the Gleap SDK by adding the following code to your index.js/.tsx file or main component.

import { Gleap } from 'capacitor-gleap-plugin';

// Please make sure to call this method only once!

Congrats! You are now all set 🎉 Report your first bug by using the feedback button

🤝 Need help?

We are here to help! [email protected]