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📊 Surveys

Gleap allows you to create micro surveys to be run directly in your Gleap widget. We offer templates for some of the most common survey types, such as NPS scores, product market fit or product satisfaction.

Sending surveys with triggers

Usually customers use triggers to send surveys. Example use cases for that include:

  • Sending surveys after a certain amount of time
  • Sending a survey on a certain page
  • Sending a survey after a specific event happened
  • ...

In order to get started with survey triggers, you need to start tracking events. Once an event has been tracked, you can use it as trigger in the survey options. You can find more information about tracking events here.

Gleap survey triggers

Manually sending surveys

You can also manually send surveys to your users. For this you only need to call the following method:

Gleap.getInstance().showSurvey(surveyId, SurveyType.SURVEY);

The first parameter is the survey id, the second parameter is the format of the survey. The format can be either SurveyType.SURVEY (default: card style survey) or SurveyType.SURVEY_FULL (full screen survey).


Please note that the Gleap SDK needs to be fully initialized to be able to show a survey.