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🔐 User identity

The Gleap identify call lets you tie a user to their feedback items. It includes a unique User ID and optional meta information such as email & name.

Identify your users

Identify your user by calling the following method. Usually you do so after the login process of your app.

Gleap.identify('12334', {
name: 'Franzi',
email: '[email protected]',
phone: "+1 (902) 123123",
value: 199.95

Gleap defaults to guest sessions when feedback items get reported without calling the identify method first. All feedback items of an existing guest session are merged with the user session once you've identified it.

Enforce identity verification

Enforce identity verification to prevent third parties from impersonating logged-in users. Get started here.

Gleap.identifyWithUserHash('12334', {
name: 'Franz',
email: '[email protected]',
phone: "+1 (902) 123123",
value: 199.95

Click here to learn how to generate the user hash.

Clear the identity on logout

We recommend to clear the identity once the user logs out. Clearing the identity will automatically detach the current session and create a new guest session.


Get the identification status of a user

With the following method, you can get the status of the current user identity.


Get the current user identity

With the following method, you can get the current user identity.