Data privacy & security
We take data privacy & security really seriously.
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Collected data

The data that is being collected varies depending on your widget settings. It's possible to exclude data from being transmitted. In addition to that, you can enable or disable features like network logs, replays, custom data and custom events to control the data sent with every feedback item.
Depending on the options, a feedback item contains the following data:
  • Form data (depends on what data you collect - typically email & description)
  • Outbound ID (when sent as survey)
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Screenshot URL / data (for JS)
  • Replay data (for JS)
  • Metadata (including OS info, browser info, ...)
  • Attachments (when in activated)
  • Network logs (when in activated)
  • Custom data (when set)
  • Action log (when set)
  • Console logs (includes the log of the developer console)

Cookies & localStorage

The Gleap SDK for JavaScript uses the localStorage for remembering users. The following two key / value pairs are used for this:
gleap-id: Used to identify the user
gleap-hash: Used to verify the identity of the user

Service providers

We are using the following service providers to securely run our infrastructure.


Used for safely hosting our server & screenshot rendering engine. Heroku allows us to scale based on your needs to provide you with a high availability.
Location: Frankfurt

MongoDB Atlas

Location: Frankfurt


Used to send transactional emails as well as customer feedback replies & received notifications.


We use Stripe to manage your Gleap subscriptions.


All API calls from our widget to our servers run through HTTPS with SSL. The data then gets encrypted and stored within our database.
Contact us if you need more information on encryption & architecture.

Data export & deletion

You can delete all your data at any time through our Gleap Dashboard. Data can also be exported as .csv within each project's settings under Data export.
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