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🏗 Rendering issues

Gleap renders screenshots on server side, this way we can provide you with the best screenshot rendering quality possible.

On localhost environments, the SDK tries to include all necessary CSS& Images within the feedback item package. For staging & live environments, the SDK does not include all assets by default, as this would drastically increase the user's data transfer. For these environments our rendering server is accessing all static assets directly from your server, so you must ensure that it has access to them.

Common pitfalls​

Rendering server doesnt have access to the live resources!​

Some environments do have firewalls, GeoBlocking, or other methods to block access to static assets. In order to make screenshots work, you must provide access to your environment. Usually this requires you to whitelist our rendering servers. Simply add the following IP-addresses to your whitelist:


Live resources doesn't exist anymore, due to caching

Sometimes the live resources got already updated but the browser is still using cached resources. With this setup, there is a missmatch between the resources used and the live resources. We are working on potential solutions for this already. Contact us, if you'd like to join our BETA program to get all latest SDK updates.

Incorrect screenshots for development / local environments

If you are running your application locally, Gleap tries to auto-detect that the resources need to be bundled when sending a new feedback item. Some times the local environment can't be detected correctly. For these scenarios we introcuded the offline mode.