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🥷 Silent bug reports

Sometimes you know something went wrong, but don't want to bother your users. In this case, you may want to send a silent bug report by calling the following method:

// Sends a silent crash report.
Gleap.sendSilentCrashReport(with: "Houston, we have a problem!", andSeverity: MEDIUM, andDataExclusion: ["screenshot": true, "replays": true]) { success in
if (success) {
// Sent successfully
} else {
// Error sending silent crash report

The priority must be LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. The SDK also offers constants, which you can pass as priority parameter.

The third parameter specifies the exclude data options. All options set to true, will be excluded from a silent crash report.

The full list of exclude data options is:

customData?: Boolean;
metaData?: Boolean;
attachments?: Boolean;
consoleLog?: Boolean;
networkLogs?: Boolean;
customEventLog?: Boolean;
screenshot?: Boolean;
replays?: Boolean;