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Live chat (BETA)

Activation methods in our visual widget configurator

With the new live chat feature, you can deliver an even better support experience, leading to happier users that will be more loyal.

🤩 What's new?

  • Live chat
  • Improved surveys (more trigger options, NPS, two formats)
  • Conversation history
  • Redesigned widget
  • Message previews

🏗 Installation

Installing the Gleap SDK takes only a few seconds. We do offer the following two installation methods.

Code snippet: This method always loads the latest version of Gleap and is suitable for all use cases.

npm / yarn: This method allows you to install the Gleap SDK locally and ship it together with your application. This method is usually used with frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.js.

Add the following code snippet to the <head>-tag of your website or web app. Replace API-KEY with your API key. The snippet below will load the Gleap widget asynchronously, to ensure it won't affect your page speed.

Code snippet

!function(Gleap,t,i){if(!(Gleap=window.Gleap=window.Gleap||[]).invoked){for(window.GleapActions=[],Gleap.invoked=!0,Gleap.methods=["identify","setEnvironment","setTags","attachCustomData","setCustomData","removeCustomData","clearCustomData","registerCustomAction","trackEvent","log","preFillForm","showSurvey","sendSilentCrashReport","startFeedbackFlow","setAppBuildNumber","setAppVersionCode","setApiUrl","setFrameUrl","isOpened","open","close","on","setLanguage","setOfflineMode","initialize"],Gleap.f=function(e){return function(){var;window.GleapActions.push({e:e,a:t})}},t=0;t<Gleap.methods.length;t++)Gleap[i=Gleap.methods[t]]=Gleap.f(i);Gleap.load=function(){var t=document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],i=document.createElement("script");i.type="text/javascript",i.async=!0,i.src="",t.appendChild(i)},Gleap.load(),

Found a bug?

Please note that this is still BETA software, which might contain bugs. We are happy to receive bug reports at [email protected] or in our live-chat Slack channel.