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Feedback types

Gleap was built to establish better relationships with your customers through customer feedback. We offer the most important feedback types like Bugs, Ratings, Inquiries & Feature requests by default. We know that these won't fit all use cases so we added the option to add custom feedback types.

Why custom feedback types?

Our custom feedback types help you organize & structure feedback more efficiently. You can think of feedback types as feedback buckets, in which your customer feedback is stored. The cool thing with feedback types is that you can also control which incoming feedback types will be sent to which connected integration. This way it's possible to send Bugs directly to your Jira board and i.e. Content issues directly to your content team working with Notion.

Add custom feedback type

Head over to your project settings and open Feedback types. Now click Add feedback type to get started.

Custom feedback types

Once you added a custom feedback type, you can then configure it's name, icon and lane options.

Edit a custom feedback type

Once you added a custom feedback type, it will show up in the navigation and within all integrations.