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✨ Feedback flows

If you want to manually trigger the Gleap feedback flow, simply call one of the following methods.

Bug reporting workflow

The bug reporting workflow is the default workflow for bug reports and allows users to mark bugs and add a description as well as their email address.

cordova.plugins.GleapPlugin.startFeedbackFlow("bugreporting", false);

The first parameter determines the flow that should be started. The second parameter allows you to pass feedback flow options like showBackButton.

Feature request workflow

This workflow is great if you want to collect feature requests. You can also embed your Gleap roadmap and share it with your users to have them vote on requests.

// Initiates the feature request workflow.

Contact workflow

Give your users the opportunity to communicate with you directly.

// Initiates the rating workflow.

Custom workflow

Gleap also allows you to configure custom workflows and custom feedback types. This is especially handy if our workflows don't fully cover your use cases. Visit our dashboard for more information about custom workflows and custom feedback types.