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⚡ Custom actions

We know that the built in actions (Bug Reporting, Feature Requests, Ratings & Contact Us) might not be enough for certain use cases. For these situations we offer custom actions, which allow you to start any custom action by code.

Configure a custom action

The first step with custom actions is to open the visual widget configurator and select "Custom action" as action type.

Now you need to set a name for your custom action. Choose any name you like (it's however important that this name matches the name you check in the next step).

Setup custom actions in the Gleap dashboard.

![Setup custom actions in the Gleap dashboard. ](./img/image (5).png)

Custom action callback

Once you set a custom action in the Gleap dashboard, it will be called automatically on selection through the user. In order to perform custom code, simply implement our CustomActionCallback to receive the custom action events.

Add & implement the Gleap delegate

The following code sample shows how to implement the CustomActionCallback protocol.

Gleap.getInstance().registerCustomAction(new CustomActionCallback() {
public void invoke(String customAction) {
if (customAction == "MAGIC_ACTION") {
System.out.println("Magic action got called.");

The custom action name is defined by you in the visual widget configurator on the Gleap dashboard.